Wednesday’s Safari 26th June

Before I was due to start, two familiar faces greeted me: sitting at a riverside table outside the Hotel, an elderly couple from South Devon had returned for another Safari. Aged 90 and 91, they said that they has enjoyed their Safari in November so much that they were back for another, this time in better weather. Indeed the weather was fine and sunny, with every prospect of remaining so.

I made sure that this elderly lady sat beside me in the front because of her limited mobility; her husband sat behind together with another English couple, and a couple from Holland at the back. I started southwards for a change, hoping to get close to an Exmoor pony herd I had passed earlier; we saw the herd, plus bronze age burial mounds and amazing views to the south and Dartmoor before striking north to Symonsbath, pausing to admire the view above Cornham Brake, a special favourite. Some off-road driving at Malmsmead Hill followed, with plenty of cattle and ponies about but no deer yet, so through the ford at Malmsmead we went, over Robber’s Bridge, up to the A39 and immediately south on a deer search. Within the next hour we saw three herds of red deer plus birds of prey, highland cattle, an Iron Age settlement and some wonderful scenery, some of it on roads steep and narrow prompting the frequently heard comment ‘I’m glad you’re driving’.


I was dry from answering questions on our arrival back at the Exmoor White Horse Inn, a pint of Exmoor Ale soon sorted that out as our guests expressed their great satisfaction with the afternoon.



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