Today’s Safari Trip – 24th March 2013

An early morning safari met us with a very cold crisp day, minus 2 Celsius!

The trees high on the moor were covered in a thick frost which was very pretty, a great photo opportunity.

We drove through a tunnel of ice covered beech trees, the sun glinting on the tiny stalag tite icicles. Heading over the moor with picturesque views spreading as far as the eye can see, a great spot normally for spotting herds of Exmoor Wild Red Deer.

As we headed down over a slight hill, the next surprise was a one not normally seen on Exmoor, a gritting lorry on its side! An unusual photo opportunity.

After a detour through Porlock, taking us back onto the top of the moor, where we saw several herds of the Exmoor Wild Red Deer grazing in the heather.

A very enjoyable Safari!

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