Todays Safari-Monday the 10th June

Monday’s afternoon Safari was for both Dutch and English visitors. ‘What do you hope to see this afternoon?’ I asked. ‘Whatever you can show us, deer would be great’ was the answer, as it often is. So, we set off with that agenda, and pray that the famous red deer are not hiding today.

A favourite place to see them is Almsworthy Common by Hurdle Down: on the way, I stop to show some points of archaeological interest, then lift a few stones from the stream at Chetsford Water to show my guests various larvae, including dragonfly larvae underneath.

Exmoor’s wildlife is not all highly visible, with hooves and antlers, and my guests were delighted with this unexpected little extra.

The weather held clear and sunny giving wonderful vistas over Exmoor, we did find the red deer (and helped a farmer locate his Highland cattle) and all enjoyed a drive full of beauty and variety. It was a great afternoon. The Dutchman said that he and his wife had been touring southern England, had loved the peace of Exmoor and the fact that someone else was driving and that it had been the best thing they had done on their holiday so far. That’s good enough for me.



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