Today’s Safari- Friday 15th February

A lovely afternoons safari with a family who had 1st joined us on our safari many years ago when we were the only Exmoor Safari, set in the heart of Exmoor it’s a short drive to the moor loosing no time at all.

Setting off with good visibility a few clouds in the sky, a calm spring day.

We were lucky enough to see five magnificent stags all rights and three atop**.

High on the moor the Exmoor wild red deer were most accommodating we were lucky enough to witness over 100 deer. With signs of frog spawn spring is indeed here!

To finish the trip we had views of grazing native Exmoor ponies looking very well and content making it a very rewarding trip.

**All rights and three atop **

In the west country, a royal stag is described as having all his rights and three on top, meaning that he has a 12 pointed antler (BROW) the first tine, (BAY) the second tine (TRAY) the third tine of an antler and three points on top in the shape or form of a cup or crown, its said it should be large enough to hold a glass or port or wine.

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