Today’s Morning Safari – 18th February

A very bright sunny February morning with a brisk breeze as we set off from The Exmoor White Horse Inn.

As we made our way over the moor the bright sun showing the outline at Nutscale of one of the many medieval settlement on the moor.

There were several large herds of Exmoor wild red deer grazing across the moor including Hurdledown, Stoke Pero common and Goosemoor.

Small herds of Exmoor ponies dotted around over the moor enjoying the morning sun on their backs and contently grazing.

A pair of ravens took on an aerial display acrobatics a sign of courtship in ravens along with demonstrating intelligence, and ability to provide food, key behaviours of raven courtship. Once paired, they tend to nest together for life, usually in the same location a sure sign of spring made a very nice morning safari enjoyed by all.

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