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Exmoor Safari – Rutting Season is Here….

With a what seemed like a slow start to the rutting season there were a number of fine days to view the spectacular displays of supremacy with the boisterous roar of stags on Exmoor, heavy fog disappointed some Exmoor Safari

Todays Safari-Monday the 10th June

Monday’s afternoon Safari was for both Dutch and English visitors. ‘What do you hope to see this afternoon?’ I asked. ‘Whatever you can show us, deer would be great’ was the answer, as it often is. So, we set off

Todays Exmoor Safari Trip 3rd May

With a cloudy start to the trip we set off from The Exmoor White Horse Inn with the moor looking like it was well covered in cloud. We drove a short distance from our starting point and the cloud lifted

Today’s Safari – 21st February

A very cold February morning, a brisk breeze as we set off from The Exmoor White Horse Inn. The wild Exmoor red deer were a little difficult to find early in the trip, the moor looked bold and bare in

Today’s Safari 2nd February

After weeks of adverse weather from dramatic floods to deep snow it was great to get out on a morning safari in early February with a bright clear blue sky and crisp day ahead. The moor did not disappoint with

Safari Update – July 28th 2012

Weather very windy but with good visibility and a bright day. With a short drive out of Exford we viewed a number of Red deer on Almsworth hill and hurdledown looking towards Alderman’s barrow. As we were making out way

Latest Update

Weather very sunny A bright sunny start to the day looks like its going to be a hot one! With a clear blue sky and a varying display of birds with buzzards souring high and what looked like red kites

Today’s Safari – May 16th 2012

Varying weather The last three safaris have been fantastic, on each outing we have viewed in excess 100 deer in several herd over the moor. We have seen a number of very relaxed Exmoor pony mare with new born foals

Today’s Safari

Weather: Bright spring morning A lovely clear day with sightings of the first cuckoo of the spring. Three new born Exmoor Pony foals enjoying a sunny day and lots of highland cows and a newborn calf. A good show of