Safari Update on May 28th 2012

Weather Sunny with a light Breeze.

As we climb on to the top of the moor we are greeted with a display, truly one the best displayed of birds on Exmoor that I have witnessed for a while. It looked like a buzzard had a piece of road kill and what looked like a sparrow hawk was in pursuit difficult to tell who was chasing who but a fine display.  We had to stop a few time to scour the skyline and valleys but the russet red coat of thered deerin peak condition made them easy to spot with a paid of binoculars. The Exmoor Red deer were a bit harder to fine but the array of birds found on Exmoor and the native Exmoor pony made up for the lack of Red deer, but we did see a stag in velvet and it looked like he had been wallowing, along with the rest of the herd he was enjoying the breeze blowing up from Porlock vale.

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