Safari Update 30th May 2012

Weather another bright sunny day with little breeze.

Insects in abundance and floating seeds drifting in the air. A kestrel was hovering ready to drop down on an unsuspecting pray. And wild Exmoor ponies with there young foals lazing in the sun, a leisurely drive round on the moor with various bird to be seen once again, the increase of insect on the wing with lots of birds swooping and diving for a snack. The elusive wild Exmoor red deer proving a challenge for the naked eye but as we pull up just on the edge of aldermans burrow we spot a small herd of hinds almost hidden and not far away a larger herd making their way toward dunkery. On the drive back it was a different story having had to search for a sighting now they were crossing the road in front of us.

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