Richard Medland

Personal Profile:

Richard Medland Exmoor Safari guide
I am a local man who loves Devon and Exmoor, leading walks and driving Safari’s here at every opportunity. In spite of a quater of a century of service with the local police, my preference is not for fast cars and main roads, but for the hidden, single-track minor roads of North Devon and the Moor, the steeper and more convoluted the better! You will find it helpful on Exmoor at night to be driven by one who knows and loves the place, and takes pleasure in sharing it.

Until quite recently my knowledge of astronomy was limited to the basics of using the night sky for orientation purposes, drawing my children’s attention to the marvels around them and to staring upwards in awe on a clear night, watching for meteorites and wondering. More recently that curiosity has made itself better informed, and the process continures; there is much to know.

Many times when leading parties on Exmoor I have proved that everyone who is interested enough to be there knows something; our combined knowledge is much greater than that of most individuals, and part of the pleasure is in the sharing. Why not come along and share with us?