Eddie Welford

Personal Profile:

Eddie  Welford Exmoor Safari guideI was born on my parents farm in Leicestershire, where as aboy I always loved wildlife, and I collected birds eggs, went ferreting for rabbits, and shooting with my dog.

In latter years I took up hunting with the Cottesmore and Quorn foxhounds. In 1992 I retired from farming, and moved to Exmoor, and started riding and hunting on Exmoor where I learned a lot about the red deer, and other wild life on the moor, including ravens, buzzards, kesterels, sparrow hawks, hen harriers and others.

In 2002 I started to drive the Exmoor Safari landrover. Over the last ten years I have seen all the seasons changes to the magnificent countryside, the red deer when they loose there antlers, and grow new ones covered in a velvet skin, and then the big stags at rutting time. To hear the Cuckoo and see the new born lambs, and the Exmoor Ponies with their foals. And drive through ancient woodlands. A trip in the Exmoor Safari landrover is a very enjoyable journey.