Red Deer Rut on Exmoor

Exmoor Safari Red Deer Rut on ExmoorMany of you will probably have witnessed two stags fighting during the annual

Rutting season, a scene which is often shown on natural history programmes or series such as the BBC’s Autumn Watch on television.

Now you can view the real thing right here before your eyes, as up to 200 kilos of pure muscle try to outwit one another in their pursuit for dominance of the nearby hinds. Testosterone levels at a high, Red Deer Stags, both large and small, will travel for miles in trying to track down a herd of Hinds.

With over 270 square miles of pasture, Combes, Woodland, Heath and the Hinterlands of Exmoor to explore and roam free, the Red Deer population is as strong and healthy here on Exmoor as it is in any part of the United Kingdom.

Perhaps this is why film crews and photographers are always evident at this time of year, and why the Autumn Watch programme often uses Exmoor as a prime location to show its viewers the majestic Red Deer.

Our Safari Drivers are all local residents of Exmoor and have an immense knowledge of the Red Deer population, along with an understanding of the local History, Geology, Geography and archaeology of the moor.

The Red Deer of Exmoor are completely wild and free…this is not like a wildlife park where you are guaranteed to see all of the animals. This is an area where the skill and knowledge of your driver comes into being…they have an understanding of where the Deer move from day to day, and based on the time of year…

Enjoy the Rut of Exmoor…

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