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Today’s Safari – Wednesday 21st of May

A lovely afternoon for a safari trip.  Exmoor is looking at its best. The hedges and trees look fantastic with bursting bright leaves, Summer is here. Swallows and Dippers at Pool Bridge, Grey Wagtails at Clousham Splash. The Highland cows

Todays Safari -Wednesday the 7th of April

As I drove to Exford for the Safari yesterday morning, low cloud and rain were a part of the weather pattern visible ahead of me, and I must admit that I prayed for clear views! I did not know how

Today’s Safari – Tuesday the 15th of April

The Exmoor Safari has been having some fantastic trip recently, seeing large herds of the Exmoor red deer, new born Exmoor Pony foals and newborn highland calves on the moor. Today we counted over two hundred red deer on the

Today’s Safari – Wednesday 9th of April

A very pleasant afternoon trip with very clear visibility, at first we did not see much a reminder that if the wildlife on Exmoor chooses to hide from us it can do so very well. As our journey progressed things

Todays Safari April 4th

A very nice trip with good weather and light. We viewed a herd of 50+ Red deer as we were driving over the moor. With stunning views over the landscape and breath taking Exmoor scenery We viewed a fine bunch

Friday 28th of March- Todays Safari

The weather was very mixed with sun, rain, hail and fog that led to today’s safari being delayed to the afternoon, with a little re schedule  we set off on the safari in the late afternoon, there were pockets of

Wednesday’s Safari 26th June

Before I was due to start, two familiar faces greeted me: sitting at a riverside table outside the Hotel, an elderly couple from South Devon had returned for another Safari. Aged 90 and 91, they said that they has enjoyed

Today’s Safari – Monday 17th June

  A brilliant late afternoon trip with very clear visibility, at first we did not see much a reminder that if the wildlife on Exmoor chooses to hide from us it can do so very well. As our journey progressed

Todays Safari-Monday the 10th June

Monday’s afternoon Safari was for both Dutch and English visitors. ‘What do you hope to see this afternoon?’ I asked. ‘Whatever you can show us, deer would be great’ was the answer, as it often is. So, we set off

Todays Safari May 13th

We have had some fantastic safaris in the last week with very clear viability and lots of Exmoor wild red deer on show. We spent time today just parked up watching a herd of a dozen Exmoor pony mares with their foals

Todays Exmoor Safari Trip 3rd May

With a cloudy start to the trip we set off from The Exmoor White Horse Inn with the moor looking like it was well covered in cloud. We drove a short distance from our starting point and the cloud lifted

Todays Safari 27th April

Today was brilliant weather, we could see for miles with spectacular panoramic views of the moor, but the wildlife on the moor was to start with difficult to find.   As we drove on we were rewarded with a view of new born

Todays Safari Sunday 21st April

The weather was cloudy and cold but we soon found three separate herds of the wild Exmoor red deer about fifteen in each herd within about three miles from The Exmoor White Horse Inn. As we meandered over the moor we came

Exmoor Safari- Todays Safari 2nd April 2013

Finally the weather is bright and sunny a very nice afternoon for a drive around Exmoor. We saw several herds of the wild Exmoor red deer, one herd of 25 hinds and one stag crossed the road in front of the safari landrover, we

Today’s Safari Trip – 28th March 2013

A bright sunny afternoon safari, but the weather was still cold with snow lying on the North side of the moor. The wild Exmoor ponies did not seem to mind the cold, with their well insulated thick coats protecting them from the

Today’s Safari Trip – 24th March 2013

An early morning safari met us with a very cold crisp day, minus 2 Celsius! The trees high on the moor were covered in a thick frost which was very pretty, a great photo opportunity. We drove through a tunnel of ice

Exmoor Dark Skies Safari Experience

We would not be searching for breaks in the cloud tonight, I could see: a completely clear sky greeted us as we stepped out of the Landrover. We were in an unlit car parking area on the top of an

Today’s Safari – 21st February

A very cold February morning, a brisk breeze as we set off from The Exmoor White Horse Inn. The wild Exmoor red deer were a little difficult to find early in the trip, the moor looked bold and bare in

Today’s Morning Safari – 18th February

A very bright sunny February morning with a brisk breeze as we set off from The Exmoor White Horse Inn. As we made our way over the moor the bright sun showing the outline at Nutscale of one of the

Today’s Safari- Friday 15th February

A lovely afternoons safari with a family who had 1st joined us on our safari many years ago when we were the only Exmoor Safari, set in the heart of Exmoor it’s a short drive to the moor loosing no