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Excellent Safari Images

Mr Lez Smith who has recently joined us on a wildlife tour across Exmoor was kind enough to send us these fantastic images of his groups experience! Thank you for your images Lez, we look forward to welcoming you on

Deer Rutting On Exmoor

There is always lots going on around Exmoor and one thing Exmoor is very famous for is for its large population of Deer. The Red Deer are the UKs largest native land mammals. They can weigh anything up to 190kg

Safari Update – July 28th 2012

Weather very windy but with good visibility and a bright day. With a short drive out of Exford we viewed a number of Red deer on Almsworth hill and hurdledown looking towards Alderman’s barrow. As we were making out way


Today’s Safari – June 6th 2012

Weather fresh good visibility with a Spanish family as passengers. A very interesting trip while looking at the magnificent Exmoor red deer on hurdle down six more came off the forest and crossed the road very close to us. We

Safari Update – June 5th 2012

The Last weeks safari has been fantastic. Many views of large herds of the Exmoor wild red deer taking advantage of the lovely weather and the exmoor ponies and foals enjoying the sunshine. The Highland cows and calves lying in

Safari Update 30th May 2012

Weather another bright sunny day with little breeze. Insects in abundance and floating seeds drifting in the air. A kestrel was hovering ready to drop down on an unsuspecting pray. And wild Exmoor ponies with there young foals lazing in

Safari Update on May 28th 2012

Weather Sunny with a light Breeze. As we climb on to the top of the moor we are greeted with a display, truly one the best displayed of birds on Exmoor that I have witnessed for a while. It looked

Today’s Wildlife Sightings

Weather: Wet Visibility: Good Heading up to Alderman’s Barrow we came across a heard of approximately fifty deer, then driving over to Hurdle Down passing Exmoor ponies and an Exmoor Pony foal. Nutscale Reservoir looked spectacular with the weather we