Our Safari’s are as synonymous to Exmoor as are the majestic Red Deer ……. ever since the moment that Stafford and Elaine Babbage founded the Original Exmoor Safari back in 1983, after the idea developed on how people could be better informed on how the Red Deer population was managed here in Exmoor National Park.

Here at Exmoor Safari we offer a selection of wildlife excursions and tours that are sure to captivate even the most avid of Wildlife enthusiasts. Be it our original Safari which has been running tours since its introduction in 1983 to our new Photographic Safari’s accompanied by award winning photographer Peter Hendrie,we are sure you will have a memorable and unique experience, combining awe inspiring scenery, local heritage and a keen sense of adventure.

We boast probably three of the most experienced guides to roam the Exmoor National Park, all three having accumulated a wealth of knowledge, not only of it’s wildlife and in particular the Red Deer, but also a deep understanding of Exmoor and its heritage, geology and geography. People have settled on Exmoor for generations and local people have a great understanding of how it’s diversity and Eco system works, allowing you, its visitors, the opportunity to experience this hidden gem.

So why not check out all our excursions and tours on our Safari page and let your adventure begin.

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